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Cohabitation agreement between de facto spouses

De facto spouses, your cohabitation agreement could include provisions concerning the contribution of each spouse during their life together and, in the event of separation, the child custody, the partition of property and many others...more

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  • You are planning on living with your partner.
  • You have already lived together for some years.
  • You do not want to get married, but you still want to have some legal protection.
  • Our cohabitation agreement between de facto spouses is a legal document whereby you can establish, on a contractual and consensual basis, in particular:
    • The nature of your economic relations;
    • The beginning of the cohabitation;
    • The ownership of property acquired during the cohabitation;
    • The provisions concerning the child's name, maintenance, custody as well as child support, in the event of separation.
  • De facto spouses may also choose the provisions of a matrimonial regime of separation as to property or of partnership of acquests to regulate their domestic partnership.
  • Your cohabitation agreement will include the main clauses mentioned in the "Summary" tab.
  • It is a contract that will meet your needs for a relatively simple cohabitation agreement. For a cohabitation agreement whereof terms and conditions are more complex, we invite you to contact  .


Summary of clauses offered for the preparation of your cohabitation agreement.
  • Identification of the parties
  • Establishment of the common residence
  • Contribution to household expenses
  • Administration and disposal of property
  • Intended use of the immovable property
  • Child custody and access
  • Child support
  • Modifications to the cohabitation agreement
  • Special clause
  • Additional clause
  • End of cohabitation agreement
  • Interpretation clause
  • Closing formalities

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